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Media Graphic Designer Peer Steen Mortensen


Welcome to Psmortensen.com. I am a Media Graphic Designer specializing in printing and digital communication.


The challenge of building a web site with good usability, good information structure, great design, informative content, cross-browser compability, as well as search engine optimizing is interesting and important aspects of building a great website.


Some of the work I have done as a Media Graphic Designer has been graphic design designed for print. Work like posters, business cards, logos, magazines, flyers, brochures, folders and other different graphic designs has been the primary assignments in my work as Media Graphic Designer.


Photography is also one of my major skills. It is also very useful in graphic design, because it makes me able to create the necessary photos in the production of a project.


I am currently since March 2012, employed as a bus driver in the Copenhagen based coach service Anchersen A/S, as well as working freelance on various graphic design projects, both for Anchersen A/S as well as for others.

I have previously been employed in Kyhl Reklame as a media graphic designer and layouter, and in the healthcare company Novo Nordisk in Bagsværd Denmark, as a Graphic Designer as well as working freelance on various graphic design projects.





• Good usability

• Good information structure

• Great design

• Informative content

• Cross-browser compability

• Search engine optimizing


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Print Design


• Posters

• Business cards

• Logos

• Magazines

• Flyers

• Brochures

• Folders

• Other


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• Portrait Photos

• Wedding Photos

• Concert Photos

• Reporting Photos

• Architectural Photos

• Art Photos

• Product Photos


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