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Creation of Beauty is an African hairdresser salon located in the center of Copenhagen. They specialize in hair extensions, cornrows, braids, dreadlocks, coloration of hair and has a large variety of human hair as well as beauty products.


Kenn Clarke Design is a Media Graphic Designer who offers graphic solutions to large and small companies both in the B-t-B and B-t-C markets.


Crawfurd Media CRAWFURD MEDIA is a professional photography and video production company established and managed by Jacob Crawfurd. As photographer Jacob Crawfurd works with many aspects of visual presentation including portrait photos, news and editorial images, art, rock photos, concert & stage photos, reportage, press, corporate, event coverage, beauty, fashion and architecture.


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Anchersen A/S is one of the most versatile and flexible coach companies in Denmark. Their primary aim is to deliver a high-quality transportation where security and service is the main focus. They are a company that continuously is on the move and in that perspective they find themselves in position to solve any specific desire.


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